ATLAS Speakers Committee


The ATLAS Speakers Committee provides a contact point for international conference/workshop talks on ATLAS physics topics, and for general talks on the ATLAS detector.

Talks on subsystem design, construction and performance are normally handled by Subsystem Speakers Committees.

Conference organizers are kindly asked to contact the ATLAS Speakers Committee ( or the chair ( to invite ATLAS speakers. We would be very grateful if you could contact us long in advance in order to give us time to find the best suited speakers to the conference.

ATLAS members can find more information and guidelines on the ATLAS-internal SC page.

Speakers Committee Chair

Alain Bellerive (From April 2024 to September 2024).

Speakers Committee Deputy Chair

Hernan Pablo Wahlberg (From April 2024 to September 2025).

Physics Coordinator (ex-officio)

ATLAS Spokesperson (ex-officio)

ATLAS Deputy Spokesperson (ex-officio)

Speakers Committee Members
Member From To
Ulla Blumenschein July 2023 September 2026
Borut Paul Kersevan October 2023 September 2026
Giovanni Marchiori October 2023 September 2026
Evelin Meoni October 2023 September 2026
Rei Tanaka October 2023 September 2026
Monica Verducci October 2023 September 2026
Alain Bellerive October 2022 September 2025
Nikolina Ilic October 2022 September 2025
Hernan Pablo Wahlberg October 2022 September 2025
Iacopo Vivarelli April 2023 September 2025
Krisztian Peters October 2021 September 2024
Junjie Zhu October 2021 September 2024
Carlo Dallapiccola October 2021 September 2024
Allison Mccarn Deiana October 2021 September 2024
Frederic Deliot October 2021 September 2024